Le mariage d'Irène et Julien

le 21 octobre 2006


Welcome to our homepage, dear visitor, and congratulations! For you are amongst the happy few who know about our wedding.

From now on, the aim of our website is no longer to tell you about our wedding preparations, for this unique day of october, the 21st has already taken place. So now we'll share with you the happy memories and photos of the wedding day as well as the honeymoon.

We are well aware that the english part of our website is not well furnished, but we were too busy to do a whole translation... Sorry for the english speaking. Still, the pages about the photographs are all available in english, so you can enjoy that part! You can also leave us some note on our guestbook or by mail, if you wish us to translate some more or simply to greet us.

Oh, by the way, we wish you all a very happy new year!

Irène & Julien

About the English localization of this website

Because we are willing to share our happiness wih our Canadian family, and we hope to see them on this important day of our life, we are making an English version of this website, especially for the non French-speaking youngsters. (hi Joshua, Samuel, Zackary, Trevor,...!)

However, as English isn't our mother tongue, there might be a few mistakes or misunderstandings here and there. We apologize in advance.

The whole task of translating, correcting and adaptating what we already wrote in French is huge. So we are planning to do it as much as we can but for the time being  it isn't finished. So there are parts of this website thate are only visible in French and the menus only display the available content in the choosen language.

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